Buger King® Fun Facts

Craving a few Whopper® sandwich fun facts?

- More than 1.3 billion WHOPPER® sandwiches are sold each year worldwide!
- 221,184 ways to mix and match ingredients means countless ways to love the WHOPPER® sandwich.
- Emmy award-winning host, Ellen DeGeneres in her first stand-up act, ate a WHOPPER®, fries and a shake on stage.
- Over 11 million guests walk through the doors of a BURGER KING® restaurant worldwide each day.
- Hungry New Year! What day of the year holds the record for most WHOPPER® sandwiches sold? Dec.31.
- In the 10 seconds it takes you to read this fact, more than 400 Whopper® sandwiches have been enjoyed.
In fact, 41 Whopper® sandwiches are eaten around the world every second. - 1957 was the year the Whopper® was born
- In 1957, the cost of the Whopper® was only 37¢