Creative Foods Corporation 401 (K) Profit Sharing Plan

CFC 401(k)

Invest some of what you earn today

for what you plan to accomplish tomorrow.

This information is a guide  to help eligible employees enroll in the Creative Foods Corp. Supplemental 401(k)


Fidelity Investments provides administrative and record keeping services to the CFC 401(k) Plan.

CFC currently offers a generous matching contribution, outstanding convenience, and a variety of investment

options. Take a look and see what a difference enrolling in the Plan could make in achieving your financial

goals. Benefit from:

CFC matching contribution. For every dollar you contribute to CFC 401(k) Plan, CFC will make a 50% matching

contribution up to the first 3% of your salary . 

Tax savings now. Your pretax contributions are deducted from your pay before federal and state income

taxes are taken out. you can consult your tax advisor  for further explanation of tax savings and benefits

Convenience. Your contributions are automatically deducted regularly from your paycheck.

Tax-deferred savings opportunities. You pay no taxes on any earnings until you withdraw them from your

account, enabling you to keep more of your money working for you now.

Investment Flexibility . You have flexibility  to select from investment options that range from conservative to aggressive, allowing you to develop a well-diversified investment portfolio.

Fidelity Advisor Freedom  Funda single investment option with asset allocation built right in.

Increase Program, which automatically increases your contribution each year.

Online beneficiary designation.With Fidelity’s Online Beneficiary Service, you can designate your

beneficiaries, receive instant online confirmation, and check your beneficiary information virtually any time.

To learn more about what your Plan offers,  call 1800-294-4015


Who is eligible to enroll in the Plan?

You are eligible to enroll in the Plan if 
you have
* currently employed  working at CFC for at least one year 
*you are at least 21 years old
* you are scheduled to continuously work
* have 1,000 hours or more of paid work
in a calendar year, and you are paid by CFC

For more inf. call 1800-294-4015  Plan # 38361


Enroll Today 

1- Online  @  Enroll

2- Decide how much to invest and enter your contribution per pay period  

3- Select how you want to invest your contributions among the investment options available in the plan

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